About our little shop

Handmade surf decor from us to you.

We are a small shop located in the San Fernando Valley, about thirty minutes from downtown. We Love what we do! Personally I spend an inordinate amount of time getting them just right, much to my wife’s dismay. I can’t describe what it is about these boards thats so special to me. When I see them before they ship, I see warm sands and a cool breeze all at once, they captivate my mind like the rolling waves that inspired them. I’m sure you will feel it when it becomes part of your space. All the time and love that went into every littlle cut and push and pull of sandpaper..
You will know that we are the same - that the ocean calls us.
And we answer.
— Pete @ Mohwk Surf Co.

Surfing is about love

Years ago I would spend all day in the ocean and in the sand, coming home wet and tired. It gave me clarity, a peace inside myself that i could not get anywhere else. My wife and I wanted that peace and love of the waves to be brought into our home, and soon after we were shipping our boards all over the world. We take the time to hand make each board, our greatest satisfaction is the love we hope you feel when you display your one of a kind surfboard.


We BELIEVE in natural, sustainable beauty

Our children deserve a world that is healthy and sustained by our generation.  We are committed to sustainable practices. Donating our wood waste to local gardens and bunny rabbits! We use redwood and basswood from sustainable and F.S.C . certified forests. We stay away from harmful chemicals, offering american made urethane finishes and natural oil based varnishes . Our metal legs, brackets and other materials are handmade and support other American small business. We just want it done with love! Love for surfing, our planet and our children's future.